Dj Sadru - Spacesynth Mix vol. 61 (2016)

Формат: MP3, image, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2016
Страна: All World
Жанр: Electronic, Spacesynth
Продолжительность: 07:32:30

01-Ladies & Gentlemen... I'm Your DJ. (intro)
03-Moon Dusk
04-Galactic Dream
05-The New Reunion
06-Timeless Zone
07-Vast Emptiness
08-Voices From Another Planet
09-Cosmic Revanche
10-Time Zone
11-Nightmare At Noon
12-Laser Fears
13-Laser Fear
15-Silent Running
16-Everlasting Dream
17-The Reunion
18-Vast Emptiness (Remix)
19-Silent Runner
20-The Great Wall
21-Slow Mix
22-Shotgun (Into The Night) (Space Mix)
23-Around The Planet (Album Version)
24-Electro Based (space version)
25-Battle Cry (remix)
26-Flying Planet
27-Brain Mission
28-Power Run
29-Fly Through The Galaxy
30-Power Run (Swedish Remix)
31-Power Run (Swedish Remix 7'' Version)
32-Endless Dream (Album Version)
33-Fall Of The Wall (DDR Space Mix)
34-Discovery Trip
35-Shotgun (Into The Night) (remix)
36-A Content Creature
37-Reconnaissance Expedition
38-The Experiment
39-Powerrun (vocoder version)
40-So Fine All The Time
41-Battle Cry (Space Mix)
42-A Night Out In Tomorrowland
43-Escape From The Forbidden City
44-Cosmo Tron (Remix)
45-Future Generation
46-Digital Dream
47-Vamos A La Fiesta
48-Humanoid Invasion
49-The Challenge (Space Version)
51-Cosmo Tron (space version)
52-Mars Invaders
53-Humanoid Invasion (digital remix)
55-Please Stay With Me
56-Can't Stop
57-New Adventure
58-Dead Star
60-Humanoid Invasion (Dance Mix)
61-My Mine
63-The Challenge (space version)
64-Mars Invaders (remix)
65-Humanoid Invasion (Original Remix)
66-Technoid (ambiente version)
67-Trip To Destroy
68-Technoid (Space Version)
69-You And Me (space mix)
70-Humanoid Invasion (7'' Version)
71-Goody's Return
72-Space Dance
73-You & Me (remix)
74-The Landing
75-Tunnel Of Mind
76-Technological Mind
78-Oh Que Calor
79-Sky Orbit
80-Fear Remix
81-Humanoid Invasion (original mix)
82-Love Is The Reason
83-Love Stimulation
84-Break Through
85-Enemy On Earth (space mix)
86-Que Me Pasa
87-Crazy For Your Love
88-Open Your Eyes
89-You're Wrong
90-Make Up Your Mind
92-Land Of Nowhere
93-Fire On Ice
94-Give Me Your Love
95-Goody's Return (Maxi Version)
96-Move On Up
98-One From A Hostile Gang
99-Target On Position
100-Mysterious Demon
101-Magnetic Clouds
102-Through The Dark
103-Warriors Action In Unknown Territory
104-Voyage Of Discover
105-Lazer Dance (Space Version)
106-For You
107-The Asphyx
108-Energy Tonight
109-Don't Stop
110-No Escape
111-War Between The Stars
112-Feel So Fine
113-Automatic Reverse
114-Forgotten Zone
115-Fire On Earth
116-No Man's Land
117-Pirates Of The Dark
118-The Guardian Of Forever
119-Fire On Earth (remix)
120-Entering The Darkness
121-Unidentified Object In Japan
122-The Lost Battle
123-Goody's Space Dream
124-Out Of Order
125-Under Fire
126-The Pits Of Hell
127-Say You'll Be Mine
128-Goody's Return
129-A Space Trip
130-Mal Function
131-Final Zone
132-Party For The Homecoming Warriors
133-Fly Over The New Territory
Музыка / Pop / Eurodance / Disco / EuroMix